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Window Cleaning

You may have seen a fast increasing number of window cleaners now using the pure water reach & wash system, also known as the water fed pole system for window cleaning up to a height of 20 meters, leaving all surfaces cleaned, streak and smear free, with superior cleaning results. GCS Services were one of the first companies in Surrey to use this method back in 1999. Our latest pure water producing machine is the latest and most up to date. Our latest system not only allows us to clean windows but your Frames, Fascias, Soffits, Gutters, Cladding and any other surface, be it either residential or any commercial building. For any internal cleaning we would then need to revert to the traditional method. We are constantly updating our custom built systems to keep up with the latest machines, providing better water quality, giving even better results. We always offer an expert, friendly and professional service, built purely on reputation.

This system leaves no residue whatsoever due to no use of detergents. It’s a proven fact that your windows stay cleaner for longer, so we would NOT recommend the traditional monthly cleans! We would recommend every 6 to 8 weeks. DO NOT let your window cleaner that uses this method try and advise you otherwise, if so they are only after your MONEY!

The pole system not only provides the best possible cleaning results but is also fully eco-friendly due to no use of any detergents or chemicals. The system also fully complies with the all up to date Health and Safety regulations.