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Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Unlike most companies, GCS Services DO NOT just arrive, whip over your Driveway/Patio, take your money and go ASAP!

We arrive, assess the areas you have asked to be cleaned, we then assess any stubborn oil/tyre or like stains. We then treat any stains with the relevant chemical, (we always carry all the relevant chemicals on board). However, we or no other company cannot guarantee the removal of any stain, but please do trust us 100% we do our utmost to remove them.

Once treated, we then continue to pre-spray the entire area, agitate in any chemical we’ve added to any area. We then clean the entire area using state of the art petrol driven powered machines (NOT the cheap DIY electrical powered pressure washers).

Should access be an issue, we can run hoses to feed your area from our equipment from up to 100 meters. We at GCS Services are continually upgrading our equipment to gain the best possible results for our customers. Our customers could not ask for a better service!

Never use this method. It may seem like the DIY, better, cheaper option, but what you will find is that, not only are you jetting the surface of the material off, you are jetting/disturbing the pointing away, and the also the foundation that will be 100 % paving. This will guarantee the surface to sink etc and hence loosening the blocks, making the blocks sink.

The commercial method is by far the better option. It comes with 10 fold the that is evenly distributed from rotating jets that will not disturb any of the foundations. However with block for the minimal extra cost we would always recommend re-sanding with fresh pointing sand.


Please note that any block paving that we have renovated, we would NOT complete the job without re-sanding the paving, any block paving has when laid had the joints sanded, every time the area has been cleaned /renovated this then this will remove most of jointing sand. Sorry but we ARE NOT prepared to renovate/clean your block paving without re-sanding the joints, it’s essential.

An additional option (however, not essential) is for us to spray the entire area with an acrylic sealant. This is a weather proof coating, which will allow for any spillages, engine oil leaks, tyre marks etc. to be removed in a DIY manor. Again, this sealant is NOT essential, however it is recommended.

The above will revive your area as it was when first laid.